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1. It is suitable for mass production, which reduces the production cost of enterprises and improves efficiency.

Automated production line operation standards are standardized, and the output per unit time is much more than that of manual labor. The use of automated production lines can significantly improve labor productivity and reduce costs. When the supply requirements are relatively large, since it can work for a long time, the work efficiency is high, and it can be dealt with calmly. When people put automation into some hard manual labor or monotonous assembly line production, the automated production line does not have the fatigue and boredom of human operators, and this fatigue and boredom is precisely the reduction in the production efficiency of human operators in this type of production work. major factor. While the automated production line frees people from heavy physical labor and monotonous work, it also greatly improves production efficiency.

2. The production process is stable, the product consistency is high, and it can work in extreme environments.

Manual operation, different understanding of the requirements of quality management, product quality, product packaging style, filling amount, which side of the bag is placed facing up, manual work results, inevitably uneven. Automated production lines are operated in accordance with the set operating procedures, and the production process of the entire process is stable, which improves the consistency of the products. Working in dangerous environments such as extreme temperatures or radioactive and toxic environments is a shortcoming or impossible for human production. After wearing heavy protective clothing, protective masks, protective boots and other complete facilities, not to mention With the increasing difficulty of operation, it is still difficult for us to guarantee 100% safety for personal safety. When automated production lines will be used, tasks beyond human capabilities will become easy and feasible.


1. The initial investment cost of using automated production lines is relatively high. The automation of a new product or the construction of a new factory requires a huge initial investment, which is affected by the entire industry and economic situation, and the return on investment of the enterprise Rates tend to fluctuate. Even machines whose development costs have been recovered are expensive in terms of hardware and labor. This includes the need for a skilled maintenance department to maintain and maintain the normal working order of the automation system, maintain the continuous and stable operation of the automation system, and avoid production losses or the production of defective parts.

2. The automated production line usually requires the company to have a high production volume and stable product design. It is difficult for the automated production line to cope with frequent design changes. Products are usually fixed, or change within a small range, and it takes a lot of time to artificially adjust when changing varieties;

3. The automated production line implements automatic control and management, which is relatively technical and requires relatively high technical and professional quality of the staff. It must have a certain cultural level and professional knowledge, and only specially trained personnel can be competent.

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